Themes & Topics

If you are interested to submit an abstract, please use the following list to select the main theme of your paper.

All relevant topics for the conference will be presented under the following Themes, please indicate in your submission your choice. If none appear appropriate please use ‘Other’.

Cervical Cytology (including the use of HPV in cervical cytology/screening)

Non-Cervical Cytology
• Breast
• Endocrine Glands (except Thyroid)
• Gastro-Intestinal System (including EUS FNA Liver and Pancreas)
• Head and Neck (including Thyroid and Salivary Glands)
• Immunochemistry & Molecular Techniques
• Lymph Nodes
• Nervous System
• Other
• Quality Assessment
• Respiratory Tract (including EBUS)
• Serous Effusions
• Skin
• Training & Technology
• Urinary Tract