About EFCS

The European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS) exists to
represent Cytology across Europe, and was formed in 1969.
Its objectives are:

  • To offer and promote professional training of both medical and non-medical (scientific & technical) cytologists
  • To Make recommendations about minimum requirements for the training, qualification & practice of cytology
  • To encourage exchange of knowledge and experience with regard to cytology
  • To promote scientific and organisational projects with regard to cytology
  • To help in matters of problem solving both on scientific and organisational level
  • To support cytological applications in order to obtain subsidies
  • To offer advice to official health institutions about the role of cytology in disease prevention and diagnostics
  • To encourage friendly relations between its members and affiliated members.

The federation will organize congresses, symposia, workshops or training sessions on a regular basis, which will be announced in written or by electronic means.
The organisation can also perform all activities that may be conducive to the realisation of these objects

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